I preface this with the fact that you are different from every other client I have ever seen, so our work together will be unique and tailored to your needs in particular. It cannot be otherwise.

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I work with the practitioner on their own issues physically and emotionally in relation to the client until they are balanced and able to see the client clearly again.

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Energy Counselling runs an exciting array of energy focused workshops all year round. From Energy Tools for Trauma and Energy Psychotherapy to tailored workshops to meet your specific needs. Check out and book your next learning experience, by clicking below now.

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Feedback from Workshops

Below are the three types of workshops that Energy Counselling currently run, with some related participant feedback received from each. To see the upcoming program of workshops please [Click Here] or use the Workshop Menu above.

EFT 1 & 2

excellent, rewarding, fulfilling

Thank you again for the most excellent, rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable three days training. It was one of the best training events I have attended in a long time. A special thank you for the work you did with me in the demonstration. Although I felt vulnerable being in front of so many people I didn't know and surprised by the depth of my emotions, I felt totally held, understood and safe at all times.

EFT Intro:

It was a powerful experience

I liked that the training went through the EFT process practically a few times, it started to sink in by the end and certainly by the next day. I particularly enjoyed doing it as a group with the volunteer at the front, it was a powerful experience.

I also thought it was great that there was the space as there was to ask questions, I think this bought the group together and helped the space to feel open and shared. It also meant that lots of key aspects of using EFT were covered from how to do it, sharing experiences, potential difficulties, to what ifs and risk, applying to different presenting issues. This made it feel very thorough.

EFT Professional Training

Now it is part of my life

I came out of curiosity, but now it is part of my life. I practice it a lot and am working through issues one at a time. I am definitely going to teach my son. I am using it in harmony with other things, however, EFT has really brought some stuff together for me. I can see myself working with it in the future with clients.

I don’t know how to put into words what a healing experience I found this to be, Lou, thank you. I have a handful of quite pithy problems at the moment some directly to do with my work, bringing the group together and holding it with such honest committed personal professionalism has allowed me access to this model that has been of great benefit personally.

I perceive Lou has a sense of joy that lit up the edges of this training!