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What is your background in counselling and psychotherapy? 

I completed my psychotherapy training in Core Process Psychotherapy, a body-centred, Buddhist Psychology based therapy in 1995.  I also trained as a drug counsellor a few years later, did my training in Guided Self Healing in 2000 and trained as a supervisor for counsellors in 2011. Please see my about page for more information about these trainings.


How did you learn about EFT, Energy Psychology?

I first learned a meridian intervention when I was having a very difficult time in my life. This let me know how effective this work is. I later trained in many different energy psychology practices when I trained in Guided Self Healing. As such, I learned most of the techniques in the field, and practiced those techniques with clients in private practice and as a drug counsellor. I have also trained counsellors in meridian therapies.


What research/evidence is there that EFT works?

Many studies have shown EFT to be effective in addressing PTSD in war veterans and disaster survivors as well as institutionalised orphans. The results usually show over 80% being free from PTSD entirely after 6 sessions. These studies have shown that clients need fewer sessions, have little or no adverse effects and that they have longer lasting positive effects. (Church, D., Feinstein, D., Psychology of Trauma, 2012). There is more research if you follow this link.


What makes you an expert in this field?

I have been practicing counselling and psychotherapy for 14 years, for 12 of which 

I have used Energy Psychology techniques. I have trained counsellors in the USA and in the UK. I have designed and facilitated therapeutic workshops also. But perhaps most importantly, I have used Energy Psychology techniques for my own healing, and know in my mind and body how these techniques work. I have found them more effective than any of my other training.


What makes EFT/Energy Psychology different from other counselling/psychotherapy?

EFT and Energy Psychology work with the physiology of emotional distress. These practices bridge those areas that the mind does not want to enter and allow for healing to happen when we don't want to think about the issues. This is why it can be so effective with trauma and physical pain issues, issues which are quite challenging to heal through conventional talk therapies. 


Why does EFT work faster than conventional counselling/psychotherapy?

Again, EFT is working with the physical system and because of this it steps over the reservations the mind has for healing. It allows the body to heal things for the mind that the mind does not believe can change.


How many sessions will I need?  How often will I need to see you?

I ask that clients sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions, usually on a weekly basis. Sometimes, it is possible to clear an issue quicker than this, but it is important to have enough time for the work that needs to happen, and however fast Energy Psychology can be, it is important to have time to complete the work in a way that the mind catches up with the processes that occur in counselling.


How will using EFT benefit my counselling/psychotherapy practice?

EFT can lend you a tool that has evidence to work with trauma. It also gives you something to use outside of sessions in order to make therapeutic work faster and more effective. 


Can I try a session/attend a group session to see what I think?

Please see my workshop page for upcoming workshops or groups. I can spend 15 minutes on the phone with you to see if we can work together. I offer individual training sessions, so that I can tailor training to your needs. Contact me and I am sure we can find a way through.

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