EFT Intro: Heart-full Business, 4/11/17, 10am - 1pm

The Hours, 10 Colston Yard, Bristol, BS1 5BD

£15 on the day, 3 hours CPD

booking essential, use this link to book.

In this short workshop, you will work on your vision for your business, an endeavour in which you have placed your heart, whether it is already running, or something you are dreaming about starting. Whatever is in the way of making your business as big as you want to make it, these are the issues we will address.  


During this workshop you will . . . . .

·  Create a vision for your business that really motivates you to become all that you wish.

·  We will look at practical steps to put your ideas and information out into the community.

·  We will also work with what holds you back physically and emotionally in order to transform those blocks and hesitations.

When we come to centre and balance, the power we have in our lives is amazing! The visions you have for where you would like your business to be are often held back by your own fears and beliefs. Come and release some of these and learn a new skill!

This work will be accompanied by mindfulness and/or energy practices to develop a sense of ease in the body and relaxation in the mind. We will find one that will match the way that you work.

The beauty of this workshop is that you not only learn or practice a powerful technique but you also have some time to get a sense of what you really want in your practice, so that you can use the technique in future whenever you feel unable to go beyond your fears.

Meridian therapies/Energy Psychology is based on ancient principles of acupuncture. They are procedures that gently re-align the body’s energy system without the discomfort of needles. Energy balancing accesses the body’s energy system, addresses unresolved emotional issues as a likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction and personal performance limits.

Research has shown that Energy Psychology practices are very effective at reducing the physiology of fear (Journal of Clinical Psychology, (2003), 59(9), 943-966). You will have a variety of options in practices that can be learned for self-care to reduce the physiology of your own distress.

You are sure to leave this workshop feeling renewed and inspired. 

I hope you will join me!

NOTE: Attending this workshop gives you £50 off of the EFT training in June.

Spaces are limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment!

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