Upcoming Workshops

EFT Intro: Heart-full Business

4/11/17, 10am - 1pm, The Hours, 10 Colston Yard, BristolBS1 5BD

£15 on the day, 3 hours CPD

booking essential, use this link to book.

In this short workshop introducing Emotional Freedom Technique, you will work on your vision for your business, an endeavour in which you have placed your heart, whether it is already running, or something you are dreaming about starting.

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EFT Intro: Healing the trauma of injustice

Saturday, 9th December, 2017, 10am-1pm

10 Colston Yard, Bristol, £15, 3 hours CPD

This workshop is about addressing the painful emotions in the body that are left when something unjust happens. Most of us struggle with the way the world is, and there are things that have happened to us or to those we love which have felt very wrong when these things have happened.

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EFT 1 and 2: Skills to Heal Your Life - Practitioner

Venue: TBC, Central Bristol 

Dates: 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 2018

£180 Early bird (before 1st February), £200 after that, £150 each if you bring a friend

This is a professional training in EFT 1 and 2

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a psychological acupressure technique. This is a technique that I use in my practice and my personal life most days. I also recommend that anyone practices it to optimize their emotional health. Although we don't always give it our attention, emotional health is vital to well-being. Often, when we feel low, we eat really badly and we don't get the exercise we know we need. Emotional issues can stop you from healing. If you don't feel emotionally well, everything else can seem quite pointless. I don't believe that physical healing really happens without emotional healing happening too.

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Energy Tools for Trauma - 2 days

Date: Saturdays, 3rd Feb and 5th May 2018, 10am - 5pm
Venue: Fulcrum House, 3 Grove Road, BS6 6UJ
Cost: £150 for both days, early bird (before 4th Jan, 2018), £170 full price 

This workshop is a therapeutic training workshop focusing on transforming trauma in the body. We will be learning various mind-body practices which use the meridian system to create balance in relation to trauma and bring us to a place of ease in the body.

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Ongoing supervision group

A place for you to empower each other as peers and have supervision, deepening practice and confidence. A group is an ongoing monthly practice and support group for practitioners. An individual supervision session would be £50. As such, 2 people can pay £25 for an hour and 4 people can pay £25 for 2 hours. Numbers above 4, remains at £20 for a 2 hour session, limited to 6 people per group. 


Workshops tailored to your organisation 

Therapeutic, Organisational facilitation or Team Building

Cost Per Day: Prices start at £450/day, from £700/day (commercial sector)

  • Purchasing organisation will be expected to reimburse travel expenses and an overnight stay, if required.
  • All courses are tailored to individual organisations. A full discussion of training requirements is part of the training package.
  • These rates are for trainer cost only, and do not include venue or catering.
  • For small organisations, it may be useful and economic to arrange training in conjunction with other agencies.

Time scale: Most courses run for one or two days and are usually scheduled on Monday or Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday. Ideally, at least four weeks run-in time would be required.

If interested in any of the above courses or your would like to discuss or find out more, then please do get in touch via the details on the Contact Page.

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